Digital Marketing For Municipalities

Our team of digital marketers got their start in government and tourism.  We are very familiar with the challenges municipalities face when it comes to marketing and digital strategy, and have the experience to work with our clients to help achieve their goals.  We know there’s red tape.  We understand plans need last minute changes.  We know current events play a huge role in your day-to-day work lives. We’ve lived this world and know how to navigate our clients to success.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is complex and busy. Being proactive in an ever-changing market is nearly impossible.  We build robust strategies for clients built to stretch and bend to your current conditions both in market and in-house.  We analyze competitors and market trends, identify your strengths and look for opportunities. We build media and social media marketing plans, you name it, we can build it.

Website Optimization

Municipality websites are often cumbersome with tons of up-to-date content to share and be available for your citizens at all times. We’ve worked with updating and refreshing many community-focused websites, to full-blown rebuilds and re-brands.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Data should drive your decisions in marketing.  Understanding who your target market it is, how they behave online and what platforms they use is paramount to driving your marketing decisions and KPI’s. We are at the forefront of that data. We will provide your team with detailed data on your core audiences and give you the knowledge you need to leverage that data to power your marketing.

Event Promotion

We’ve worked with municipalities to promote small on-going events to larger one-offs bringing in audiences from across the county to across the nation. Each event requires a unique marketing mix and media plan to maximize its effectiveness and reach in its desired market. We’re specialists at leverage digital advertising to drive awareness, interest and ticket sales.

Digital Advertising

Broadcasting online whether on Google or on social media raises a lot of red flags for many municipalities.  We can work with you through the pros and cons of each platform, while giving you the confidence you need to ensure your municipality will be represented positively online.

Social Media Marketing

Monitoring the social media presence of a municipality has many unique challenges. Optics is everything, so your choice of content, how its written, and your choice of platform are all big considerations before posting.  Our team has the know-how to drive a content strategy to suit any city’s needs.

Case Studies

St.Albert International Children's Festival

In 2023, Strong Coffee Marketing worked with the City of St.Albert to drive a 42% increase in visitation and 31% increase in sales for the International Children’s Festival of the Arts.

Client #2

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Municipalities We've Worked With

City of Edmonton

City of St.Albert

City of Red Deer

City of Drumheller

City of Okotoks

City of Peace River

City of Saskatoon

Parkland County

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