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Charities and non-profits come in all shapes and sizes and work in a variety of industries. Whether your goal is to increase awareness of your services and causes, find new ways to generate donations and find volunteers, or simply reach your audiences as effectively as possible for your events and experiences, our team can help you achieve your goals.

We know money is often tight, so where you put your budget into needs to produce results.  We work very closely with our non-profit partners to develop digital marketing strategies designed to make the most impact within your budget.  We work for you, and have your organizations interests at heart throughout the entire process.

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Google Grants offers charities and non-profits digital advertising credits for free, allowing you to showcase your organization and the programs you offer.  How you leverage this tool is important, and navigating its strict usage is paramount.  Our team has the experience to guide you through this process and build campaigns that create an impact.

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The targeting behind social media advertising is some of the most robust available anywhere. When combined with the different types of ads you can run, this is a very powerful tool for charities and non-profits if used effectively.

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What does all your data mean? How can you use it to your advantage? From social media insights to website analytics, we can use this data to drive your business strategies for years to come. We build goals to track conversions and better understand the value and impact of your website.

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For charities and non-profits often one of the most under-utilized and cheapest channels to use is your e-newsletter lists.  We’ve built and written thousands of e-newsletter templates, including comprehensive drip campaigns designed to create impact and generate awareness and donations.

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Your website is your digital billboard, and it needs to create an impact no matter the device or situation your viewer is in. We can work with your existing website, or build a new one to align to your business goals.

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What kind of content should you be posting for your charity or non-profit? How can you develop ideas for your blog or social media channels? How should you structure your e-newsletter content?

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Do Google Grants Really Work?

Google Grants for non-profits/charities are a very effective tool to deliver free and relevant traffic to your website.  In 2019, we helped deliver nearly 60,000 clicks to our non-profit client, and utilized nearly $20,000 USD in free ad spend using this program. We were able to build 10+ campaigns, for a variety of relevant keywords to help achieve this goal, all while achieving a click-through-rate of nearly 20%.  With Google Grant’s requirement of a 5% CTR, we blew this goal out of the water. Finally, in addition to the traffic, we were also able to generate over 1,000 conversions, which, for this client, included new sign-ups and e-newsletter registrations.

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Are e-newsletters worth the effort?

E-newsletter’s built with a strategic purpose can be very effective income drivers. For many, e-newsletters can seem like a cumbersome waste of time, however if you can structure your e-newsletter content in a way that can help navigate your followers through the buying process, reducing pain points and dissolving fears, you can directly impact your bottom line.  We have work with numerous clients on building a more strategic approach to their e-newsletters, one that ‘holds the hand’ of the customers, and guides them to make a donation, or sign-up to volunteer.  In this case study, this approach proved to be extremely lucrative.

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