So if you haven’t noticed from some of our posts on social media…we got a brand spanking new camera! It’s not just any camera though; it happens to be the LivePlanet 360˚ 4K stereoscopic camera, a state-of-the-art streaming device capable of doing a lot. Simply put, it’s 360-degrees of awesome – let’s talk about why!

Discover A 360-Degree Perspective.

We’re capable of full-fledged 360-degree production: stills and video. 360-degree still images are a new way of adding depth to your otherwise ordinary pictures. Imagine showing customers a whole new side of you, whether it be an immersive walkthrough of a new home or a tour through a hot tourist spot. Talk about a walk on the wild side!


A brief explanation for those unaware: 360-degree technology began as a rig of cameras taking video or pictures in 360-degrees, amassing a collection of videos or pictures that tackled every possible angle. These videos and pictures would be merged – or stitched – together afterwards using computer software to give you a complete image. Nowadays, you can use a single unit featuring multiple onboard cameras to do all that! Fully stitched videos can be viewed through headsets that let the viewer truly dive into the visuals and explore it themselves.

The LivePlanet camera outputs in 360-degrees and stereoscopic 3D vision, thanks to its array of 16 onboard cameras, each one featuring 4K resolution in 30fps video. With flawless real-time stitching and encoding, you’ll find stunning, immersive visuals wherever you are; up close in the midst of the action or from a distance.

Broadcast You – 360-Degree Video.

We’re seeing much more support for 360-degree video from websites such as YouTube or Facebook, and it’s easier to show the customers a whole new side of you. 360-degree video is perfect for anyone looking to let their customers get a sneak peek at how their business works.

Capable of live streaming right out of the box, the LivePlanet can broadcast to just about every social media and video platform, cloud storage and headset imaginable via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Live streaming video is great for fostering trust between customers and a business. Engage with customers directly in live Q&As, capture live events or offer enthralling behind-the-scenes footage that can bring the people you want right into the room with you where the action is. With live streaming video, you can offer video tours of your business on social media or hold future presentations and meetings in dramatic, eye-popping 360-degree video. Between walkthroughs, live news coverage, and immersive 360-degree experiences, we’re more than capable of helping you utilize video in a way that brings a unique experience to the viewer.


360 Video in Edmonton Alberta Canada


Why play catch up when you can be 360 steps ahead? Here are a few more ideas on how to best use 360-degree video.

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